Commercial Property Management

Making it simple

Not all commercial property management companies know what it’s like to be an owner. KCI Property Services, in contrast, grew out of our experience as owners. We know that there’s more to managing a property than just collecting rents and fixing leaks.

We treat your properties with the kind of interest that we do our own. We manage your properties proactively, striving to identify needs and opportunities before they arise, because if you’re just reacting, you’re already behind. We consider the future of the property and the surrounding area, and we work to stay on top of trends and changes and keep you informed.

We manage over $20 million in commercial property assets.

Doing all that is not a simple task. It can be more than a full-time job simply staying on top of maintenance, leases, utilities, taxes and general expenses. One missed bill, one mistake on a tax form, and that already-complex job can explode into a waking nightmare, but KCI can make sure you never have to worry about that.

We manage over $20 million in commercial property assets and have experience managing all varieties of commercial properties. We know how to take that unmanageable burden from you and hand you back your profits and a clear understanding of what your properties are doing and what they can do in the future.

More Time

Your time is limited. Maybe you just bought your first commercial property; maybe you have several, but are beginning to realize that your time is too valuable to be spent wrestling with the details.

Whatever your expertise is, commercial properties are ours. We worry about the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Whatever your expertise is, commercial properties are ours.

Lower Costs

Our scale of involvement and established position in the community has allowed KCI to form close relationships with contractors we know we can trust. This means that we provide high-quality maintenance and project work while sustaining low overall costs.

Quality Tenants

Getting a quality tenant at a good price can be a tricky endeavor even for an experienced property owner. The scope of our work means that we are always in contact with prospective tenants. We find you the tenants you need, and without the constant worry over whether you are getting a good tenant or not. 

KCI has the tools, software and experience.

Professional Accounting

Managing any property successfully requires knowing where the money is. KCI has the tools, software and experience that allow us to track maintenance costs, utilities, taxes and lease information with ease. You will know what your properties are doing on a monthly basis, and our long-standing, strategic partnerships with experienced financial professionals keep your life worry-free.

The Next Step

Take the first step. Call or contact us today, and let KCI show you how we can take over your headaches and worries and give you back a sense of control.